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Author/Artist/Singer: Nasty Boy Klick
Music Title/Track: Radio Song
Theme ID: 2229
Album: N/A

(chorus: Angelina)

Every time I hear this song... playin on my radio

It just reminds me of... how much I love you so

Every time I think of you... I just wanna call you boy

To let you know that I will always be there for you

What's goin on baby girl

It's been a long long time that I... I told you what I'm feelin inside

You know it seems to be that all I think about is you

Ruby red lips to the way you move your hips

I'm tryin to be the perfect man

Always gettin lost in love

Down for yours on this AZ side

I'm cruisin in my Limited and you always on my mind

It's even better when you right there by my side

I'm analyzing what you say and what you do

And everybody's jealous cuz I'd rather be wit you

But that's a'ight, it may be scandalous too

Reservations at the Marriot a suite for two

Time flies, we overlook the city lights

From the moutaintop you be pressin that rewind

Slow jams, long stems, tell me what you wanna have

I wanna be the one to give you everything

(chorus: Angelina)

Hey girl

Now from the view I been lookin at you clown other guys

With they tie on creepin thru the crowd

Thinkin they can while you just loungin, thinkin of me

In the limelight to get you life changin somethin'

And I know that most start just like the ones before 'em

So ignore 'em and a playa like me'll thank you

For the dough that you lovin, the loans

And to have the hardest players hard tuned every second you're gone

And that's alright to let your ice shine

Brown eyes, light skin, big lips with Latin vibe

Man I knew why she was quick to pass by

Cuz I kept on lookin and I wondered to myself if I had been mistooken

For a playa, a heartbreaker who laid with a few numbers too many for you

But who you gonna listen to... a liar, who's tryin to take your heart

Or one who had it from the start and never disregarded it girl?


Hey Mr DJ could you play my favorite song (play my song)

Cuz everytime (everytime you do) you do... I'm thinkin of my boo

Hey Mr DJ could you play it one more time (you are my everything)

And dedicate it to my baby baby baby tonight

You know I think it's kinda cool

Every time you walkin by you lookin so good

Always catchin my eye

Wonder if you'd be down like I'm down with you?

Didn't your girl tell you I want hook-ups wit you?

Sometimes I'm thinkin "When you're loungin at home

Are you thinkin of me when they're playin your favorite song?"

We both hesitate to always pick up the phone

Let it ring, hang it up, say "You probly ain't home"

You make me feel different everytime I'm 'round you

Ain't no girl that can make me feel the way you do

So let's make this happen... let's hookup for the state

We'll both gear up and pick you up at eight

You're drivin me crazy and I don't know why

I couldn't approach you with this feelin that I'm feeling inside

Now it's summertime rollin by my side

Shoulda known from the game you were down to ride yeah


Everybody... who's got somebody

Who makes you feel so good inside

To everybody... who's got somebody

Show your love... dedicate this song to them

(chorus: Angelina

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