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Author/Artist/Singer: Nasty Boy Klique
Music Title/Track: Run Away
Theme ID: 2248
Album: N/A

i would give my life 4 u
u mean the world 2 me
baby baby baby babe
u know i love u
& i wanna be 2gether, we can run away
just me & u, just u & me
will u run away with me?

the day i wrote these words 4 u i cried
could of died that day a happy & complete man
cuz in the palm of my hand everythin that i dreamed 4 a moment
and u know that im down 4 yours
forever in life
the reason why i made u my wife is becuz
u seen me, for me, the real me, and loved me unconditionally
and even with these circumstances that i had
u still gave me a chance
and thats why
i live and breathe 4 u & the kids & u give me more
than this fame could ever give me & now my life is satisfied & complete
visions are comin true
yeah of me and u
placin rings on each others fingers sayin "i do"
u stuck with me through my thick & my thin
2 go back & live life over again?
naw, this is my destiny
it was worth the agony 2 get the extasy

we could run away & spend some time
i'll always be the one right by your side
tell the whole world u belong 2 me
u are my everything
ooooh.... i wanna run away with u

i never ever met a shorty that wuz quite like u
& even though it was wrong i fell in love u
now we sit here not really knowin what to do
but im sure u know i'd give the world 4 u
if i could run away with u i wouldn't even think twice
i promise girl, i'll put it all on the line
i know forever seems 2 be a long time
but thats what i'm seein when i look into your eyes
& it dont matter what your friends might say cuz i know deep inside
u feel the same way
u can tell me what u want but i can read your mind
so quit lyin 2 yaself and put your hand in mine
i get excited everytime u come close
& bein right here with u is what i love the most
so anytime u feelin lonely inside we can run away together
leave this world behind


wakin up in the morning & your still not there
can't we run away and excape somewhere?
missin your soft touch
your lips next 2 mine
holdin up your hands as u looked in my eyez
what must of happened 2 the love we both felt inside?
emotions were stong & the feelin was right
now we dont speak anymore, u went your own way
if thats what loves about, then i wuz mislead
go ahead & take your time
if thats what u need
my love 4 u's forever, my heart 4 u bleeds
things happen 4 a reason so i ask myself
should i be strong?, wait?, or move on 2 someone else?
i know u still love me i can feel it inside
u always kept it real, no games, no lies
if u ever feelin lonely, feel the need 2 get away
call me up, i'll be there
2gether we'll run away girl


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