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Author/Artist/Singer: Odds
Music Title/Track: Radios Of Heaven
Theme ID: 1443
Album: N/A

Drinking like a teenager
Using up the kneenex
Staring at the cd rack asking myself which fuzzbox band would sound the best
I try on your lipstick
I try on your clothes
I wanna be you for a little while
And I'm freaked out enough to bloody my own nose
Oh sorrow, oh shame
Take me by the shoulders
Shake me to the brain
Oh sorrow, oh shame
I've locked myself in a room again
A glossy of you next to my face
Looking in the mirror
I see us frozen like cavemen discovered together in a thousand years
Every little town
Has its three-legged cat
I'm happy to live that way
Cause no one expects me to catch the rat
Oh sorrow, oh shame
Take me by the shoulders
Shake me to the brain
Oh sorrow, oh shame
I've looked myself in a room again
I cross myself

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