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Author/Artist/Singer: Off Topic
Music Title/Track: Damocles
Theme ID: 1554
Album: N/A

As we are bombarded by stimulus from the environment around us our senses numb
To the sound of war drums and the warning signs of what's to come down on us
We're already dead, already dust
In God we trust, take care if us
Or something like that
When a warhead splits into 55 pieces we all get hit
Like oh shit
My skin just melted and dripped
So did my outfit, and I just washed it
But I couldn't stop it
Everybody fights with each other all day
Narrow-minded, short-sighted, motherfuckers gonna pay
Went to run for cover til my cover got blown away
Now I'm standing in the driveway
I see my mom 50 yards in the distance
Covered in blisters
She was calling her sister and the line went dead
My dad was already in bed cause he had to get up and work to keep the family fed
Last thing I saw was like a flash bulb
The impact left an outline of my body on the wall
And you're fighting over a parking spot at the mall
And you spent the last five years in that cubicle
And you're so confused by life you're addicted to food
Because it soothes you for the time being
These are the times we live in
Watcha gonna do about it
Everyone is partially brainwashed
And a clean mind is easy to watch
Right now I'm caked in mud and my mental's sweaty in the crotch
And I'm hard to stop
How can we communicate with other cultures
When we feed on each other like vultures?
Slaves to impulses
Nobody deals with consequences
And we all got fences, apprehensive
And lawyers are on the offensive
Gotta put their two cents in
And come out with a Benjamin
Wanna say fuck the system
But it's hard to stop

I remember the day when my bright eyes faded away

The pain fades as I fade away l

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