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Author/Artist/Singer: Off Topic
Music Title/Track: Desensitized
Theme ID: 1555
Album: N/A

Yo, remember when our biggest fear was Y2K?

'Cause we were ignorant, blind, and we liked it that way

Overseas conflicts share air time on 60 Minutes

With corporate sponsorships and celebrity who-did-it?

Y'all better flip on the BBC

If you wanna see some reality on TV

Real survivors make hip-hop music with no money

And there's nothing really real about The Real World, trust me

See, our government subsidizes corn and cattle

Makes corn syrup cheap so you know what cows eat

That's why fruits and vegetables cost big bucks and candy's cheap

That's why our teeth rot and kids are obese

Smoke pot and go to jail but feel free to die of heart disease

Bad for you but it's good for the economy

My name is Off Top, producer slash emcee

I'm not anti-government, just anti-lobotomy

I see too much man, I'm desensitized

These eyes roll back in my head 'cause blank stares are the norm

(All I wanna do is write, record, and perform)

Baby's girl's breakdown

She's only nineteen

She's a sophomore in college with a freshman's perspective of what it all means

She makes mountains out of molehills

And the moles are living high on the hog like kings

She knows her daddy wanted a boy

But he'd settle for a beauty queen

She fits neither category

Accepts presents and jewelry as payment for negligence

Invests her emotion in the junk bonds of bling

I want a girl with no gag reflex

Who's allergic to latex and addicted to sex

Nah, I'm kiddin' man

I really need sweet angel

Who's strong enough to pick me up when I fail

But I doubt I'm gonna find one, walking through Hell

Where everybody that you meet wears a mask or a veil

And now she sees it for herself in high

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