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Author/Artist/Singer: Ohgr
Music Title/Track: Kettle
Theme ID: 1855
Album: N/A

When it's getting through
I feel as if the time is coming around
I am finally getting through
This time in my life

Sure let me know
I feel as if the time is coming around
I am finally going through
My great disaster

(Chorus 1)
Got divorced with the way I was and
I tried to get away (x4)

(Chorus 2)
So will you take me out
Or if for a while I'm a lusid dreamer
Will you take me out for a while
Knock me out cold
Will you take me out for a while I'm a lusid dreamer
Take me out in one fell swoop
Knock me out cold

Life is really easy
When taken down apart
From up around the center
A spiral blown heart
To give it some relation
To give in to belief
Freedom to the limits
The limits set you free

Chorus 2

Chorus 1 x8

Chorus 2 x2

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