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Author/Artist/Singer: One KRS
Music Title/Track: Shutupayouface
Theme ID: 4080
Album: N/A

Yeah, whassup?
Whassamatta you? (You) Why you lookin so sad (so sad)
KRS is back (he's back!) But you don't look so glad
Ahh shutupayouface!
Look at this place!
Why was I chosen to pick up the race?
And carry the flame, the torch, the name?
Millenium games, it's all the same
Sinners repent, many for fear
End of the year, everyone cheers
Only a few hear my voice in they ears
Everyone else well they really don't care
But what if I told you I could read the future
and in the future, they the losers
We the winners, cause they the sinners
Well it's all mathematics, can I eat my dinner
and think (think) why was I made to link
between them and the universe; battle, who the first?
I don't really care, cause I'm really not here
I'm showin you skill, but you still sayin ""Where?""

Whassamatta you? (You) Why you lookin so sad (so sad)
KRS is back (he's back!) But you don't look so glad
Ahh shutupayouface!
Every race, walkin around with they head up in space
They cannot see that we all really one
In any battle I already won
Thank the creator, it's already done
KRS-One? Leavin 'em stunned
Dunn duh-duh dunn dunn done it again
Me and Will and my brother named Ken, now let me tell you
The bass in your face, the highs in your eyes
will make you real-IZE
If you down with the Temple of Hip-Hop, you not no average GUY, or girl
C'mon take a critical look in my world
See the metaphysical books that I twirl and twist
Forces the ventriloquist
I'm just a dummy gettin money at this name Kris

Whassamatta you? (You) Why you lookin so sad (so sad)
KRS is back (he's back!) But you don't look so glad
Ahh shutupayouface!
KRS-One, Knowledge Reigns Sup

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