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Author/Artist/Singer: One King Down
Music Title/Track: Mass Suicide
Theme ID: 4068
Album: N/A

In this world of morality and righteousness
There are more than enough stones to be cast
Pure birthed from the polluted parasites of sysematic acidity
What has been reaped, I shall not sow
I will uproot with impunity

Again and again many will forget the ignorance
Of the walking dead
Buried amongst serdiment and regret

One would search in vain for a half way point in this decision
There is no halfway drug free conviction
This poison's addiction is a global self-genocide
And the apathy it breeds is the mass suicide

For the choices made
For the countless laid to waste
For all the pushers and addicts
I've seen too much I've had it

This poison's addiction is a self genocide
And this apathy is the mass suicide

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