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Author/Artist/Singer: Ookla the Mok
Music Title/Track: Bride Of Wolfman
Theme ID: 4609
Album: N/A

Even a man who is pure at heart
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright

Lawrence Talbot:
People tell me that I'm insane yeah
But when you're living in Transylvania
Being crazy is just a state of mind
When you're the Wolfman it gets kind of lonely
And though I know that I'm the only one
I stalk the full moon searching for a bride
For my bride
Ever since that werewolf bit my arm
I've been loping through the moors inflicting harm
But I'm telling you I'm not that bad
And before I get killed by my dad
I want someone to share what's left of my life
I want a wife

You want a woman man that's plain to see
But I'm your Mummy so you listen to me
Don't put your reputation on the line
People told me I was getting P-whipped
When I was living with the Queen of Egypt
But now she's dead and I'm getting by just fine
Ask Frankenstein
So Larry let me remind you about your life
You're the Wolfman, you can never have a wife

Lawrence Talbot:
But even Dracula has got a bride

I know, and so does Frankenstein

Lawrence Talbot:
But under the full moon I'm alone

Lawrence Talbot and Im-Ho-Tep:
And you can't fool me I can see
That you can't even look at me
And I am a monster in your eyes
I swear to God I'm not the same inside
The man I am under the sun
Would never do the things I've done
And I won't cry
Sometimes I want to lay my head back and howl

Lawrence Talbot:
I can never be the one who'll hold you tight
I can never be the one who'll hold you till the morning light
I can only be the one who'll hold you down
Until you lie underground
But if you survive then you will rise

And you'll be seeing things my way soon
Cause underneath the light of the next full moon
I think you'll agree

Lawrence Talbot:
Maybe you can be the Wolfman's bride

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