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Author/Artist/Singer: Order New
Music Title/Track: Lets Go (Nothing For Me)
Theme ID: 5913
Album: N/A

You know it never meant much to me
There's something on your mind that i couldn't see
It didn't hurt me too much to find
You were seeing someone else for all of this time
You know that i don't care
And i'd like you to know that i don't care
I don't need your sympathy
Why don't you ever look at me
You did nothing for me
You did nothing i see
You did nothing for me
You did nothing
There's no today and there's no tomorrow
Where you find sadness i find sorrow
Nobody knows but it always shows
I think i'm losing my mind but that's the way that it goes
And it's fine, all those lies
I can see the truth lies in your eyes
So i guess we are through
You did to me what i did to you
I don't need your sympathy
Cause you don't mean that much to me

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