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Author/Artist/Singer: Patent Pending
Music Title/Track: Tipperary
Theme ID: 4480
Album: N/A

You said it's gonna get worse
before this gets any better
I tell myself i'll be okay
so now i stop
try to forget her
and i hate you more with every word you say
It's gonna take some time
It's kind of scary
all the trust i put in you
and it's a long long to tippery
but i'd go that far
to get away from you, from you
fairy tales, these stories coming to an end
and it's getting harder to pretend
and i cant sleep
tossing and turning
thinking about what you did to me
Your pictures falling from my wall
And fading from my mind
i swear i think
i can't recall
i can't recall a time
that you were there for me

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