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Author/Artist/Singer: Pathologist
Music Title/Track: Anatomical Necropsy
Theme ID: 4486
Album: N/A

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Prosectorium in anatomical pathology ward

On the obduction slab lies fresh cadaver

Dermatic sections on the breast

Removal dermal lobes by scissors

Scalpel cuts through pectoral muscle

Open abdominal cavity by hooks

Extirpation of cardiac and pulmonary parts

Preparation of liver, spleen and kidneys

Dissection of small intestine and caecum

Abscission of suprarenal glands and midriff

Examination of duodenum and gall bladder

Bisection of pelvis by chisel

Fissure of prostate and sacrum

Mortified urinary bladder and rectum

Denudating vertex and separated subcutis

Autopsy of cerebellum and pituitary gland

Disconnection of calvaria by hand saw

Human encephalon conserved into formalin

Exploration of nerves, vessels and arteries

Severance of carpal joints by xyster

Pathologist sews up eviscerated entrails

Corpse in mortuary refrigerator

Acrid effluvia from the morgue.

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