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Author/Artist/Singer: Pathologist
Music Title/Track: Reek With Suppuration
Theme ID: 4498
Album: N/A

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Decomposed putrefied cadaver

Marbling of suppurating flesh

Mortification of connective tissue

Maturation of cerebrospinal fluid

Histological involution of dentition

Fetid caseated viscera

Hepatic sticky matter

Colliquated smeary ureter

Autolytic dissolution of adrenal medulla

Corroding vesiculae on thyroid gland

Bubbling putrid gases in musculature

Cribriform coronary vessels with pustules

Blackness of mushy lung

Disorganized pregnant uterus

Tattered turbid heart

Ossific sinews and arteries

Drying of shrunken tube

Liquefaction of rotten blood

Shreded raggy cholecyst

Pulverized teased marrow

Autodigested gut's mucosa by ferments

Festering tumours of cancerous decay

Calcification of costal cartilages

Maceration of saponified pylorus

Splattered pus is mummified

Disintegration of bones into phosphates

Mustiness of petrified offal

Odour of pyosis and rot.

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