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Author/Artist/Singer: R. Kelly
Music Title/Track: Definition Of A Hotti
Theme ID: 100
Album: N/A

Ah yeah
The definition of a hotti
R. Kelly is born into the 90's
You know what I'm saying
With the new shebang swing
The definition of a hotti

This track is going out to all the hotties out there
You know what I'm saying
To all the fellas that don't know what a hotti is
I'm here to define the definition
So check this out

Yo here's the definition of a hotti
A girl with Noxema skin and a V-8 body
She can relate with your wildest dreams
By wearing a short skirt or nice tight jeans
She'll put you in shock
And clean you up with clorox
And then you'll say
Damn, the hotti body is bare box
Lipstick shining
Earings glistening
Yo listen to me
As I kick the ballistics

Last night
I went to a club, to a club
To see if I could have myself some fun, yeah
All the ladies
Standing on the wall, standing on the wall
I'm not leaving
Till I catch me one, till I catch me one

Cuties, all the cuties
So fine, so fine
We could spend some time
You are, you are
The one, the one for me
Can we have some fun

Hey Hotti
Definition of a Hotti
Hey Hotti
Come on yeah

Don't too many fellas turn her on
But if you're kicking the funkies
Then her word is born
Its best to blend in with the program, yo
Play the same game
And then say thanks ma'am

Some hotties like to pose
But they warm you up
Just like a hot buttered roll
Some hotties don't carry a purse
Yeah it gets worse
Check the second verse

Last night
I took her out, I took her out
To see what we could get into
What we could get into
She showed me what she was all about
Hotti go it going on
What's a man to do, what's a man to do


Hotties play games
Like when you got with your fame
They sit back
Act like they don't even know your name
Playing it smooth
Until the very last minute
Drive up in a Benzo huh
Yeah they'll jump in it
And satisfy you like Snickers
You see them with their girlfriends
You can't get with em
The H O T T I
Is on a mission
I Hope you're listening

Yo Yo
Wait a minute man
Yo R. Kelly man, yo
I know what you're saying about the
Definition of a hotti and all man
But tell the public where all these hotties come from

Alright bet
I'm'a break the track down right here
Let all the homies kick it off for me
You know what I'm saying?

New York
Got the hotties
Yeah, they got the hotties
They got the hotties
Come on they got the hotties
They got the hotties
They got the hotties, yeah
They got the hotties
Come on they got the hotties
They got the hotties
Come on they got the hotties
Yeah they got the hotties
And they got the hotties
They got the hotties
Come on they got the hotties
They got the hotties
Yeah they got the hotties
St. Louis
They got the hotties
They got the hotties

Ah yeah
This is going out to all the hotties
From across the world
You know what I'm saying
Just to let you know
I got your number
Peace and I'm out

The definition of a hotti (x4)

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