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Author/Artist/Singer: Raekwon
Music Title/Track: Can It All Be So Simple (remix)
Theme ID: 1213
Album: N/A

Intro: raekwon, ghost

So that's it kid, youknowhati'msayin? right here, lights out
Yo yo hold up let me talk to this cat
Yo kid, whattup starks, whattup?
Ay ay, whassup? whassup baby?
Ay yo yo yo kid, ay yo yo
I just seen this kid over there over there, right over there
While you're, while you're filmin that shit
I know he ain't down with your team
Don't know, some sk-skinny lookin, big-head nigga, youknowhati'msayin?
That nigga ain't fuckin with heads though
Yo son, i just seen five fiends around a nigga son
Fuck, we gotta, we gotta go
C'mon fuckit, let's go over there, i'ma show this nigga right
Hold up wait up wait up, jiggy comin
Three deep niggaz
Think niggaz don't know what the fuck's goin on
Come on, come on, right over here
Right on
There they go, right there
That's them right there kid
That cat?
Word up
Aiyyo kid?
You're right behind him
What the fuck is you doin man huh? huh?
[the fuck you talkin to?]
Talkin to you man!
Talkin to you what?
[you ain't talkin to me]
What the fuck you talkin about?
Yo, open your hand man, what the fuck is that in your hand man?
[what? huh?]
*fight ensues*
*smack* what the fuck, the fuck i say?
Aiyyo c'mere! c'mere!
Yeah it's my shit, my shit
Get up
Yo grab that nigga, grab him
*gun fires*
Yo shit! *gun fires* move son! move! *gun fires repeatedly* move move!
Go ahead! get him! ohh shit!
Ohh shit, ohh shit, yo
Yo man, yo son i'm hit
Man son, i'm hit
Yo son?
Son i'm hit
Damn son, you bleedin son, bad son
Aiyyo grab this grab this take this take this-a

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