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Author/Artist/Singer: Raekwon
Music Title/Track: Knuckleheadz
Theme ID: 1234
Album: N/A


One for you, one for me
Two for you, one-two for me
Three for you...
What? i'll smack fuck out ya
Smack fire out your fuckin ass, what the fuck you think this is man?
Get the fuck up outta here man
[raekwon] so yo matter of fact, the man is back
[ghostface] think my head is madder than fuckin fire
[raekwon] shit aight, this ain't even enough burn right here
This ain't enough
[ghostface] fuck it man
[raekwon] we gonna shoot right over there
And yo them niggaz got the big cream over there
So just chill
[ghostface] so let's do this the fuck up, roll up like tropical kid
Don't play me like i got a flowerpot head kid
Just chill man
[raekwon] on the real let's go get this money fast son
I know how we gotta do this kid
*shots fire*
[ghostface] scrungy-head motherfucker

Verse one: raekwon the chef

Lay on the crime scene, sippin fine wines
Pullin nines on, ufo's, takin they fly clothes
They eyes closed, we gettin loot
No doubt, check the word of mouth, unheard about
Guns go off and now a murder bout
I'm out
My raps play the part like a get smart secret agent
In a maze and, styles blazin, johnny blaze and tony starks in a daze and
Rhymin, my nigga lou diamond will wrap it up
We like meth to go and fuck with noodles
Havin them poodles on the lockdown buyin me
Amarett-ahs, and chewables, stackin pharmecuetical
Rap niggaz on dust and wools
Yo, i told you, some kill rob and fold
The gold's untold, fuck it it beats parole
So stroll marvelous, soul controller
Of the whole globe, god damn i got it sewn
And yo, whattup pop, pop the suitcase high
And we can talk, you can walk out the fuckin building

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