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Author/Artist/Singer: Rah Digga
Music Title/Track: Tight (Remix)
Theme ID: 1873
Album: N/A


Ah damn, Digga gone done and did a remix. What you gonna do now partner?



Yes it the selectable messages, hard,

Mammary glands, necklaces, breasts'es, large

Camrys, Lands, Lexuses

Executive suits, forget about the exodus

Consecutive beats, narrated without the negative

??? cracking, cause we can make it, happen

We're gone quick, tell a friend "ohhh shit"

Intelligent rap fiend with relevant rhyme flow,

Benevolent, from beneath the sediment

With no speech impediment

Impeach the President?

I don't know, I'm hesitant

When I step through, you know I rep the medicine

Perfect poetry, peddling word flows, you meddling

In my business? That's when I got to jettison

the nigga with the big balls

Girls wanna maul me

Drop jewels like you was jewelers with cerebral palsy

My road dogs explode on, Flipmode flip men

Spit in a nigga water like, Ms. Jane Pittman.

(Rah Digga)

Now, who we be writing rhymes all night?


Pharoahe Moch in the house and my plans is tight!

(Rah Digga)

Now, who we got next on the mic?

Rah Digga in the house and my plans is tight!

(Rah Digga)

A black queen

You best believe I stack cream for the nine-niggy-nine

Everytime Diggy rhyme

Like a thousand motherfuckers going "yes yes y'all"

Make em scramble like a stabbing up in the mess hall

Tighter than pumps on fat ladies

Flows like the liquid in the IVs stuck in crack babies

Preproduction, stay booming in my tenant

On your radio tighter than the sweats on Richard Simmons

Rah-D-I, going for dolo like I'm Coko

One the lo-lo, spending my show dough in Soho

Tight, lyrical pro yo, verbal style linguist

Like Q or the Genius, speak a little broken english

Get Backstreet money, tax free money

Clak-clak any fool try to jack me money

Lick proper, ain't no other chick hotter

Voice alone scare your ass to death like Stigmata

(Rah Digga)

Now, who be writing rhymes all night?

Rah Digga in the house and my plans is tight!

Who we got next on the mic?

(Lord Have Mercy)

Lord Have in the house and my plans is tight!

(Lord Have Mercy)

King of my castle

Shanghai, swinging my lasso

In each hood, and stay unforgiven

Like Eastwood

Quick shooter, long clip, Ruger

Villain in trench coats

Walk the evil that men spoke

Creep on your kin-folk

Invent flows that sweep the streets often

Stone cold like Steve Austin indeed, also

The all city, the raw, gritty

Landlord banned from TV in large cities, nigga slay a squad

Pray to God I'm just Rated R

When I pickle hearts in labeled jars

Spit fatal bars

Tally-ho, tally-ho I murder a cameo

Rapid fire like a callico, scatter foes

Trapped and dying, Federale homes, battle zones

Shined in alleys, chromed, East Coast to Cali homes

Laying down 'fore them federals get me

Got hits while you cath bricks like I'm Reginald Deny

(Rah Digga)

Now, who be writing rhymes all night?

Rah Digga in the house and my plans is tight!

Peace to the ones that don't bite!

Lord Have in the house in the plans is tight!

Now, who be writing rhymes all night?

Pharoahe Moch in the house and the plans is tight!

Peace to the ones that don't bite!

Flipmode in the house in the plans is tight!


That's right ya'll, Tight Remix. Featuring Ph-ph-ph-ph-pharoahe

M-m-m-m-monch, Lord Have Mercy, and the first and only female of the Flipmode

Squad, Rah Digga. Everytime I learn the words to a song, somebody make a


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