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Author/Artist/Singer: Ranks Delly
Music Title/Track: Headache
Theme ID: 4388
Album: N/A

Delly Ranks & Elephant Man)

A just the life
Bang dilly, bang bang dilly de
bong bong dilly de
Beng, beng, beng a Delly Ranks
and Elephant come fi tell them
You know we roll, corney niggas

Delly: Although we ice a nuh fake
it a gi dem headache
Tour state to state and gi dem headache
Gi dem headache, gi dem headache
Elephant: Champagne popping up gi dem headache
Bank book fatting up gi dem headache
Nuff gal slapping up gi dem headache
Gi dem headache, gi dem headache

Delly: A just di car dem weh we steer
and di clothes dem wha wi wear
And the style inna wi hear it a mad dem
Have the girls dem by the pair every month a di year
A we a di girls dem teddy bear
And wi nuh condemn

Elephant: Headache wi a gi dem
How dem fi grudge wi fi wi ice when a nuh fi dem
Bare gal a buy wi ticket fi go a Midem
And dem a tek off them bra fi wi si dem
Anaconda we a gi dem


Elephant: To how things bright
Stevie Wonder can see it
Headache bus and a nuff food a eat
Bob Marley did know from him little and a grow
Say headache would a come run the street

Delly: We drinking Alozade and Hennessey
From New York to Tennesse
Delly and Elly living out a big legacy
Boarding di concorde from JF Kennedy
Mek dem know a di headache a di remedy


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