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Author/Artist/Singer: Rascalz
Music Title/Track: Gunfinga
Theme ID: 4658
Album: N/A

Our aim: world domination

No fear, hands in-a di air

Bust your gunfinga, wave it like ya don't care

Bust hot lickshots in-a di atmosphere

There's a party to rock, that's why the Rascalz are here(2x)

Lick shots and bust yo caps

Put it up, where your gunfinga's at?(2x)

[ VERSE 1: Red 1 ]

Aiyo, gunfinga the tool, against the great, no rule

Plow! Shots are bust and we notorious

Thus thrust, Red'll defend the rugged and raw

(Cause we-a rudeboy) So hit em with the hardcore stuff

Cause my glock's not enough, sometimes a man fi get cuffed

Handled ruff, we're minded too dangerous

Ain't no messin with nobody less they puff with us

Cause we keep to ourselves and the pounds we puff

So let it burn, rockin the chalice, take turns

Red 1 not concerned, I got em a-fi learn

Bout respect due, yo respect a-fi earn

Big up to Rascal Crew, foundation stands firm

Fear none, think that we done, we just-a come

Gunfinga cocked in-a di air, make it bum

Bo! That's for my ghetto people

Cause the world's unfair, never was equal

Lick a bo! That's for Babylon pon patrol

Cause Van City cats got tons of hydro

And there's one more that we gotta let go

And that's the one that we lick off in-a di po-po

I test the empire, then we royal gumbo

Many guns for hire when your regime crumble

Then raise my gunfinga in the air, born again

Wave it like a flag, world domination pon dem

No fear, hands in-a di air

Bust your gunfinga, wave it like ya don't care

Bust hot lickshots in-a di atmosphere

There's a party to rock, that's why the Rascalz are here(2x)

[ VERSE 2: Kardinal Offishall ]

Let me see your gunfinga, but hold your gun down, please

Yo, don't bust no shots, so me and my niggas could rock

Dem call me Mr. Kardinal (Dem call me Mr. Red 1)

Come follow me, holler me out if you know what I'm talkin about

My niggas walkin about, big up the ghetto gutter guns

Street presidents, slum residents

And all my niggas on they two feet with street sense

And more than two cents in-a dem pocket

I rock a verse for keeps, run my lyrics in-a di mix

I bet he love it, respect, big up your chest

Kardinal and Rascalz gwan make you feel hi-i-igh

Killin you softly with no lye

While your toe taps I'm breakin your back over my hi-hat

Kick drum is makin you numb, snare snap is strapped

To bust back for every red-eyed nigga on the attack

So when I'm comin through, you cannot stop me on the go

For every nigga that clack-clacks, the Figure IV gotta be gold

Like that

Lick shots, bust yo caps

Put it up, where your gunfinga's at?(2x)

[ VERSE 3: Red One ]

Aiyo, the big gun spark, light up the dark (Yes, mire)

360 degrees, the place on fire

Feel the heat, yo, either surrender or retreat

Cause Kemo don't give a fuck, he put some fire in the beat

Gave me the trigger to watch me blow them off they feet

(Plow! Bust your gunfinga, cause respect compete)

The all Massive Van Crew, soldier men, too

You rudeboys in-a di dance, dedicated to you

And all the young guns up, they past they curfew

(Big up di sexy gal crew, cause dem bust shots too)

Sketels and workings just to make a debut

Keep di clip in-a di g-string, ready to move

So what you do is put your hand in-a di air

And you bust your gunfinga, wave it like ya don't care

I swear, one love to my people out there

You we salute, lickin off shots in the air

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