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Author/Artist/Singer: Rascalz
Music Title/Track: Moviestar
Theme ID: 4664
Album: N/A

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What she looks like (x5)

(stutter-What)she looks like

(Chorus x2)

Well she looks like a moviestar (uh huh!)

Like a chocolate cany bar (mmm good!)

She looks like a moviestar (thats right!)

Like a choclate candy bar (ye yo!)

(Verse 1)

Ay yo! Full blown genetics, body athletic

Your body look good so I gotta give credit

Enough men sweat it cause they all wanna hit it

Cause you got that look like 'y'all come get it'

Short skirt wearinin', diamond earrings'

And no draws on, love to live life darrin'

And don't stop starrin', any party we're in

They got more girlfriends who don't mind sharrin'

Sippin on liquor, watchin my zipper

Wanna tear off my clothes, expose the big dipper (oh oh!)

Here we go, I know this game

Where you don't know my name, don't know why you came

Cause usually you don't ever go to clubs

To give oochie to cats and fake it for love

And its the first time

Yeah my first time too!

Never did this before, please be gentil

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 2)

Yo a, big body girl, diamonds and pearls

Lucious lips, curves, hips, honey dips dangerous

Huggin' on a man, do the wink and kiss

Thats why I can't understand how we so pussy

Whipped and ready to flip and beeped down over that

Cause he can't control his girl, step in the wrong cat

Who don't play that?

And we don't play stucky

Yo, one time we hit, two times she was lucky

A heart felt, she couldn't handle it

She just want to get close and peep my manuscripts

Yo dem pretty chicks watchin', they scandolous

But I can't even knock I'm not a fan of this

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3)

Yo a, real fine damsel, froma ny angle

Half Cha'day, half Naomi Campbell

Sandles struttin' like she hard to handle

And make a nigga wanna gamble and get a sample of that

Never chocolate, caramel chocolate

Vanilla, and yella and milk choclate

Yo these fellas take like to the darkest

Melt in my hands cause we don't eat chocolate

Dats what they all say but they just talkin'

They rather foreplay, we just hit the target

My only forte is how to make a profit

And bounce wit the gurls dat turn the cold to the tropic

(Chorus x2)

Well she looks like a moviestar....

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