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Author/Artist/Singer: Salt N Pepa F/ Alpha Omega
Music Title/Track: Do You Want Me (Remix)
Theme ID: 2250
Album: N/A

[Hold up wait a minute...
Ain't nothin' but tutti fruity
Get on the floor if ya got that booty
Yo you got that funky beat
Let's do it man]

[Yo we got a little problem
Yeah we you and me
You gotta let me know somethin'
I don't know you say you like me
So what's up? You know what I'm sayin'?]

You said it loud and I heard you
Never tried to hurt you
Some say I'm old-fashioned
I like to take my time and do it slow
You know with the flow
But don't try to rush it
So ride it like a horse
And let nature take its course
Get to know each other
Be my friend not just my lover
Share your thoughts with me
Love my mind not just my body, baby

Do you really want me, baby? Let me know
Cuz if you really like me I suggest you tell me so
Got no time for silly games, that ain't even why I came
Cuz I may be the kind of guy you like

[Ain't nothin' but tutti-fruity
Get on the floor if ya got that booty
Wait a minute...]

Please understand the way I feel
I must have trust or there's no deal
My emotion's ain't to be
Played with or given free
I appreciate greatly
The way you toleratered me
Sometimes I do act flaky
Wouldn't blame you if you hate me
You put up with my butt
When I wouldn't give it up
Yeah, I know that really sucks
But if you wait awhile, I'll make it up


[Yeah, all right
I know what you're sayin', and it's cool but...
Yo, I gotta know what's up, you know what I'm sayin'?
Cuz sometimes when we're alone kissin' and huggin' and things
I feel like, "Yo, is this it? Is it really gonna happen? Yes!"
And then pow! bam! boom! - nothing
Why you teasin' me?]

Don't get me wrong
I didn't mean to turn you on
We haven't known each other long
But this is my life not just a song


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