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Author/Artist/Singer: Say Anything
Music Title/Track: Alive With The Glory Of Love
Theme ID: 6594
Album: N/A

Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh ahhhh...
When i watch you, wanna do you, right where you're standing, ya...
Right on the foyer, on this dark day, right in plain view...OH ya...
Of the whole ghetto, the boot-stomped meadows, but we ignore that..ya..
You're lovely baby, this war is crazy, i won't let you down, OH NO..noo
No, I wont let them take you, wont let them take you,
Hell no no, oh no, i wont let them take you, wont let them take you,
Hell no no
oh no no no

And when our city, vast and shitty, falls to the axis, ya...
They'll search our buildings, collect gold fillings, wallets, and rings..Oh ya..
But Miss Black Eyeliner, You'd look finer, with each day in hiding, oh ya..
Beneath the wormwood, oooh love me so good, they won't hear us screw away the day
I'll make you say noo I won't let them take you, won't let them take you
(Alive, Alive, Alive with glory alive with glory)
Hell no no, whoa no, i wont let them take you, wont let them take you, hell no no

Now Treblinkah is alive with the glory of love
Treblinkahalive with glory of love yea

(Okay, speed it up now)

Should they catch us, and dispatch us to those separate work camps
I'll dream about you, I will not doubt you with the passing of time, oh ya..
Should they kill me, your love will fill me as warm as the bullets, ya..
I'll know my purpose, this war was worth it, i won't let you down
no i wont no i wont no i wont (alive) (alive with love, alive with love)
Hell no no, whoa no, i wont let them take you, wont let them take you
Hell no, no,

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