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Author/Artist/Singer: Sayer Leo
Music Title/Track: Frankie Lee
Theme ID: 6707
Album: N/A

Leo Sayer & Ray Parker, Jr.
on every corner of every avenue
the word's been passed all around
better watch out, lock up your daughters
'cause that bad frankie lee is back in town
all the ladies fall for frankie
sayin, frankie lee, how can it be
of all the men here, you're the only one
who's got the key, to set us free
oh, frankie lee
now there's a woman, in this neighborhood
who's loving frankie in her mind
but in fear of bein' discovered
she keeps her secret locked up inside
just then a stone's thrown up at the window
and she looks below, what does she see
there's a man there, standing 'neath the streetlight
it looks to be
like frankie lee
you'd best believe
well, old frankie steals through the back door
while her old man is leavin' by the hall
but before she hears his footsteps
frankie's standing at the bedroom door
so she holds him, then she begs him
oh frankie lee, don't 'cha ever leave
and he tells her, she's the only one
he's got the key
that frankie lee
to set her free
then as the moon fades, into the night sky
frankie leaves while she's asleep
then he's up and out on the street again
he's got the key that'll set you free
that frankie lee
every kid in this ol' gangtown
they'd want to be like frankie lee
please the ladies, like a vagabond
he's got the key
that frankie lee
to set them free
yeah, every kid in this ol' gangtown
yeah, they'd want to be like frankie lee
cassanova and valentino
they'd like to be as good as frankie lee
every kid in this ol' gangtown
they'd like to be like frankie lee
please the ladies, like a vagabond
he's got the key
that frankie lee
to set them free

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