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Author/Artist/Singer: T.A.T.U.
Music Title/Track: Do Not Believe, Do Not Fear
Theme ID: 576
Album: N/A

Different nights, different people,
Wants- doesn't want, bites - doesn't bite (loves - doesn't love),
Someone will leave alone, someone will jump off,
Someone will be tired and fed up.

Someone will spin wire from cleat
Someone will start new themes
Someone will show off, someone is maniac,
Someone is like you, someone is like me...

Don't light and don't extinguish
Don't believe, don't be scared, don't ask
And calm down, calm down
Don't believe, don't be scared, don't ask
Don't believe, don't be scared, don't ask
Don't believe, don't be scared

Different nights - different people
He will not, she is scared
Somebody makes his enemies his friends
Somebody goes down into the dust under feet
Somewhere there's much of what is little
But round the roads there will be a raid
Somebody will risk, and somebody will not be able
Somebody will understand, but won't be able to help
Somebody will go away, somebody will come back
Somebody will find his new sun
Somebody into the bushes, somebody into me
Somebody like you, somebody like me.

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