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Author/Artist/Singer: T.A.T.U.
Music Title/Track: Let Me Wake Up
Theme ID: 615
Album: N/A

Never meetings
Someones meetings
Our meetings
Sands in the summer
Grains in the winter
Bid my love good-bye and smile
Freedom at last
So expanded
So happy

Wake me up so I can see
Wake me up so I can hear
Wake me up so I can touch
Wake me up so I can smell
Wake me up so I can taste
So I can live

All artificial
Something you do
And feel everyday
I cannot
So new
This is me

So expanded
So happy
Then dead
Here I am
In the same tight spot
Living a lie
These acts of nothingness
Teasing me like a game
Are you paid for this?

Free me for once
Free my emotions
Let them run free
Let me loose
Let me go
Save me

Let me see
Let me hear
Let me touch
Let me smell
Let me taste
Let me live

I try to see
I strain to listen
I strive to touch
I crack to smell
I tense to taste
Its becoming a challenge
To live now

Think of not breathing
Listen to the sounds
I make when it happens
I just want to go about
My life like everyone else
I want to walk
I want to talk
I want to do what you can do

An idol
An amateur
An idiot
An icon
A person whos real

Thats me

Wake me up to the world
Let me wake up to the world

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