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Author/Artist/Singer: T Ice
Music Title/Track: Always Wanted to be a Ho
Theme ID: 302
Album: N/A

This goes out to all you ladies out there.
A lot of you won't grow up to be lawyers or doctors,
but you have a dream. And I think you should follow your dream.

When you was just a little girl, you used to love nice things
Pretty party dresses, candy and rings
You was your Momma's little angel, Daddy's little girl
They used to fix your hair up in pretty ribbons and curls
Your sex drive was much deeper than the rest of the girls
You used to freak your boyfriends, take them 'round the world
As a teen, you didn't like school that much
Your moms drank, your daddy likes to cuddle and touch
Too much, so you hit the street looking for love
Affection and devotion, met none of the above
Met me in the club working your fake id
Looked me in the face like a slave set free
I said walk into my eyes baby, come with me
I can show you things that you dream to see
Take you off the street get you something to eat
Something nice to wear and a place to sleep
My name is Ice, I'm the nicest guy you're ever gonna meet
Tell me what you want, I'll make your life complete
She said, I always wanted to be a ho
I always wanted to be a ho

You just had to find the player that was right for you,
Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true

The first thing we're gonna do is buy yourself a new dress
Take some pictures, put you in the LA Express
Teach you how to walk in some high heeled shoes
Let you strut your stuff by the House of Blues
Or farther down Sunset where the tricks all cruise
"Are you my pimp?"
Oh dear God don't say that
I'm your manager, your boyfriend, you're agent, your mack
Now I'm a do my hair baby, I'll be right back
Because we gotta look good when we hits the track
Now your real name? "Shirl"
Yeah, we gotta change that
I think I'll call you Apple, cause your ass is kinda fat
How old are you? "16"
Well that's just right
But you're 18 if anybody asks tonight
I'm a teach you how to get this long paper right
Catch a trick, suck his dick, break his ass for life
Cause I love you, that's all you really need to know
I'm 'bout to miss my hair appointment, girl I got to go
She said, I always wanted to be a ho
I always wanted to be a ho

You just had to find the player that was right for you,
Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true

"Now what if I meet a trick that got long cash?"
That's when I call the crew with the black ski masks
But right now we'll only worry 'bout the basic stroll
Hooking up my Cadillac, and upping my gold
A hundred for a full hit, 50 for a hand
Throw in a blow job, they'll fuck off grands
I may even put you where the real johns at
Some call the strip club, I call the indoor track
They got lap dancers, table dancers, mad back rooms
And you can double up your profit if you take them home
"I wanna be the best"
Well this game's the test
G-string bikinis and silicone breasts
Suckas break themselves just to sniff your nest
And if you get tired, I got crystal meth
"I think I'm in love..."
Baby doll it's on
You were made for me baby, since the day you were born

You just had to find the player that was right for you
Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true

Yeah baby, we gonna do a lot of beautiful things for each other
You know what I'm saying?
We gonna get me a new car
We gonna get me some better jewelry
Some nicer rags, you know what I'm saying?
We gonna help each other out, you know what I'm saying?
We gonna get me a new pad, you know?
Maybe get me a Rolex
We gonna do a lot of things for each other, it's gonna be beautiful
Me and you
I love you baby
We gonna put a whole lot of money in my pocket
That's what we gonna do. You are so cute in that dress
That's right
Damn, go on,
get your ass out there and do something right quick for a player
Yeah I love you, get your fucking ass out there
I love you, get the fuck out.. aiite

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