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Author/Artist/Singer: Tarsha Vega
Music Title/Track: Be Ya Self
Theme ID: 3386
Album: N/A

Let's dive right in they ass quick fast and in a hurry
Tell em what, tell em what
While you was fallin off, CaTashTraphe was fallin on
Ask the niggas in the streets, I hold it down for Californ'
Born to be the livest nigga so you know it's soul survivin
On the mic I move the crowd like Big Pun stage divin
I been, around the world, pullin girls
I pull em three at once that's why I said it wit a plural
I'm like Earl the Pearl, straight pimp referral
Y'all niggas can't win, it's like you sword-fightin Zorro
Y'all bummy muthafuckers can't pull my card
I smack THE FUCK out y'all niggas while you try to be hard
But like my nigga at The Grammy's, CaTash is for the children (hey!)
My style be standin out like gang writin on a building
I build and destroy ya, destroy your employer
If y'all niggas ain't on Loud, they wasn't doin nuttin for ya
Pot lit the wick, to the dynamite stick
So when it blow up in your grill, watch how ugly it get

We got L-dot-A-dot rock that spot
We here to take it all fool, what the fuck you got
You can't stop the plot, cuz this is how it's goin
While you was fallin off, CaTashTraphe was fallin on
Cuz this the hip-hop that Crips rock
The hip-hop the Bloods rock
The hip-hop the thugs rock
The hip-hop the clubs rock
Don't hate on it, don't hate on it, don't hate on it

So while you waitin and debatin, concentratin on hatin
That nigga Tash be up the street on this deep dish dance
Blowin indo out the window, clownin niggas wit my ices
In a black SS, California on the license
My name is hella-famous but it's time you learned about me
Even though I'm rockin solo, Ic12

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