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Author/Artist/Singer: Tarsha Vega
Music Title/Track: Shine On
Theme ID: 3394
Album: N/A

Up in a no where town
Where there's no where to go but down
Ariba en un pueblo
Que no esta en nada

Walkin' round in circles in the pouring rain
Waitin' for ya luck to change
The weather vane is spinning out of control wit no directional plane
And that's a metaphor for u cause yo ya feelin' the same
A shame ya didn't go to college get the G.E.D.
Ya play the hoochie up at Hooters on the J.O.B.
Complacency I see the boredom slip a tip in ya bra
Yo what's happening?
It's like ya flippin' burgers for Rob

Ay yo u still got time to shine on
U can decorate yo life any way that u like
U still got time to shine on
But u gotsta get out tonite!

Up in a nowhere town
Where there's nowhere to go but down
And we're just kickin' around
Where we swim and we sink and drown

Ya teachers useta tell ya u were smarter than this
They pinch ya booty -fake a smile and then u tease w a kiss
Ya shift'll end at 1 a.m. and then u cruisin' the strip
And u think u the shit but girl it gets old quick
U flick a butt u know what's up
I tell ya ass to elevate but u be all about the fantasy
Ya future can wait
So make sure you collect the money first
Before u lie down in the bed
Freeloadin' never pay ya folks no rent
Ya hook up with some kid from down the block and hit the shower
Sleepwalkin' thru ya role like Heather Graham in Austin Powers
Yo I calls it like I sees it wanna front grown up?
Now everybody in together now shut the fuck up
Ay yo u still got time to shine on
Heaven knows yo I'm feelin' yo fears
U still got time to shine on
But'cha gotsta get the hell out of here

Up in a nowhere town
Where there's nowhere to

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