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Author/Artist/Singer: Tash
Music Title/Track: Gs Iz Gs
Theme ID: 3424
Album: N/A

(Who we got?)
We got Catash and Kuruption
What the fuck is yo' function?

We got Catash and Kurupt
'Bout to fuck shit up
I'm sippin' nuttin' but the best; what you got in yo' cup?

[Verse one--Tash]
Yeah, yeah, that make me tweak on beats
Tash be kickin' so much ass I rock cleats on concrete
So get the pictuah
My rap style'll hit ya 'til ya move back
This ain't the kind of shit that help Stella get her groove back
It's on co' uncle
Raps that keeps me flossin'
While yo' album on the shelf gettin' dusty at the Slausson
Pop that Glock
Clock that knot
It's thin line between love and hate
It's thin line between Compton 'n' Watts
What you got?
Yo' motherfuckers is nerds
Yo, Kurupt, tell these niggas what the fuck you heard!

(Check it out)
I heard it saggin' in bandanas
Shit to spit the leaves
Split like bananas
Poetical scanners
Make the crowd go banana'
Furious, luxurious, an' glamorous
Bitches and cameras
Impenetrability exerts
Burst a verse
And since nuttin' but trouble incense jerks (Back in the day)
Silently clashin'
Clash is
Throwin' towels in like passes
All I want to know is where the ass is
If you got yo' pistol let it sizzle an' whistle
I'm agile; you fragile--
Glass and crystal
I'm priceless--the nicest
Yeah, that's right
Nice enough to bring the snub and bust on sight

We got Catash and Kurupt
'Bout to fuck it up
I'm sippin' nuttin' but the best; what you got in yo' cup?

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