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Author/Artist/Singer: Tash
Music Title/Track: Only When Im Drunker
Theme ID: 3426
Album: N/A

I get drunk and I stumble to the mic
Stay drunk all week, I'm at my Peak like Pike
I'm never at my peak, I'm killin fifth after fifth
I drink mo' 40's than Tash and E-Swift (hell naw!!)
Uh-huh, I drink more than both of y'all (no you don't!)
I hold more liquor than a bank on Crenshaw
And Tash you can't drink brew, you know you the nigga who (WHAT?)
be all on yo' nads, after just a swig or two

Nigga you trippin, must be that Zima you was sippin
Yo' accountant couldn't count how many bottles I be grippin
and flip it in the trash cause I downed em with ease
while you on yo' knees -- about to pass somebody yo' keys
I even had to pay the taxi (what?) the last time you asked me (uh)
You start off on yo' feet but always wind up on yo' back G
Bro you should know you can't drink with Ri-co
While you down yo' shit slow, I'm on my ninth Cuervo

Aiyyo at every single show, you be layin on the flo'
Swearin up and down, you neva gonna drink no mo'
But I get to' up, from the flo' up, and never throw up
One little wine cooler and you wanna beat yo' hoe up
I never call it quits, I don't know my own limit
This Alkaholik shit is for real, it ain't a gimmick
You might fuck around and catch a liver disease
fuckin with these Likwit MC's, Hip-Hop Drunkies

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