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Author/Artist/Singer: Tec-9
Music Title/Track: Rod Piper (Burn Ya)
Theme ID: 4193
Album: N/A


If I woulda caught'cha,

I woulda brought'cha in the Calliope

and burnt'cha like a bitch, a straight bitch,

Now if I woulda caught'cha,

I woulda brought'cha in the Calliope

and burnt'cha like a bitch, a straight bitch,

Now if I woulda caught'cha,

Now nigga don't make me ups the big pistol,

blast my fella with the chucks,

Don't make me ups the big pistol,

y'all know, Tec gives a fuck,

Don't make me ease up on the scene

it makes ya rowdy like Rod Piper,

Ease up on the scene

and makes ya rowdy like Rod Piper,

Rod Piper, Rod Piper, Rod Piper,

Rod Piper, Rod Piper, Rod Piper,

Rod Piper, Rod Piper, Rod Piper

First Verse:

Now some of you niggas didn't think I'd be back, surprise,

I'm bigger than a nuclear bomb,

More dangerous than Saddam Hussein and they claim to be better,

But I bet'cha when I touch the block it's gone turn hot,

Into your sucka heart, don't start, I'M READY TO KILL NIGGA,


And it's on it's on, the playa hatin' done started,

Try to leave a nigga for dead, but I served my five,

I'm long departed and servin' 'em, so better get serious, I'm eatin' up,

Told them lil' ones that don't like cookies that you better go eat 'em up,

Get bucked up, get fucked up, we got two sides to this shit,

This nigga don't take no shorts at all fool, I'm on the rise with this shit


Second Verse:

One day I learned that I could rap, even rock and roll, R and B,

I learned to play with my voice just like Stevie,

And I wonder, if I can bust down through them doors,

I bust you in the head with my bass guitar, look here,

I fell off, had to do a little bit in the pen,

But I'm back again, spinnin' the bin,

With the Mac-10 twins,



Third Verse:

Now can you feel me?This is real G,


The problem before the problem got too big for me to handle,

ATF heard about the scandal,

Somebody told 'em bout the Mausberg with the pistol-grip handle,

Retaliate for what they did to my nigga Randall,

It's only natural that I leave your ass in front of Rhodes Tavern,

Usin' the same pattern,

I drive up, and let'cha have it,

Banana clips, now there ya have it,

Take one of mines, and I'm gonna take one of yours,

But ain't no stoppin' to this drama, cuz I'm kickin' in doors,

Everybody get on the floor cuz it's a murder don't mistake for a robbery,

I came here to kill, fuck the money,

One fool thought he was smart, and made a break for the door,

I act a donkey with that chopper he ain't runnin' no more,

Bullet shells all over the place unidentified bodies,

Cuz the chopper took off the face of some nigga who was rowdy, rowdy,

Shit done hit the fan, situation is bout it, bout it,

Keep my heat, can't let no nigga catch me without it,

And I don't doubt it, if they catch yeah they might wet me,

But it's plain to see, that y'all can't change me,

Cuz I'ma go down bustin' holdin' up three, nigga what?

Niggas, you niggas, you niggas,

Some of you niggas, you niggas, you niggas,

Rod Piper, Rod Piper, Rod Piper,

Rod Piper, Rod Piper, Rod Piper


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