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Author/Artist/Singer: Tech N9ne
Music Title/Track: The Worst
Theme ID: 4260
Album: N/A

[1st verse]

As I blaze the PM

I inhale with the scent of a million men

I exhale wit dumpin 17 up in the what the fuck I am?

In the midst of a crisis God knows all the sacrifces I made

Might have to hiest to get paid

In spite

But can't jiest the price

Instead a nigga played bitch made

Niggas think they know me

The don't know me

They, phoney funny

But they don't know

That I'm that ill type niggas that'll open that gut

Not much luck

I'm feelin skunk wit a capitol S

Hit the cess

Killed the stress

Rottin away in the Midwest

I guess

They was right

When they said that was such a psycho sight

Sick inside a slight

Deliver that makes me want to go Master P at night right

No more pain I complain and pray to God, AND STUFFS

It was unbearable until I tried COCOA PUFFS

That chocolate tie got me willin to fly up in the sky

But when I loose altitude that high

Just makes me wanna come down and die

Whos responcible for this madness, me?

Whos responcible for this sudden strike of sadness, me?

I can see

I can look into your eyes

Smile and then to your suprise

I'll be yellin "Die, nigga die"

When all the bullets fly

Don't know how much longer I'll be on this Earth

Cause I'm the worst type of, nigga on this here turf

So disperse


The worst, the worst yeah

They keep tryin to pull me under

But I been to long tryin to make it over

The worst, the worst yeah

After all that I been through

I just don't know what the hell to do

[2nd verse]

What it is

What it was

And what it shall be

You tell me

Cause this nigga ain't livin healthy

Bitches think I got money from here to Shri Lanka

So I'm thinkin of killin you when I'm makin love to you bianca

Can't you see I ain't you seein what I mean

I got plenty and mean streets my team tweaks

So my future seems BLEAK

Take a peak at me I ain't happy she got me

Under child social serviceses and shit for bein a slacky pappy

My khakis are low saggin from illio type little bags

Pushin ten of them on top of the world like James Cagney

Feel that agony

People naggin me

My ragedy life ain't worth livin sick of my aunt and uncle draggin me

See me drink my life away

Smokin tokin my life away

Tryin to put this trife away

In the deepest darkest hide away

If I could fly today to the Golden Gates

I could get away from this place of hell and fakes

But it might be too late

What it gonna be


Another S-T-A-T-I-S-T-I-C that's me

Puffin that stronger W double E-D that hunger

Don't know how much longer I'll be on this Earth

Cause I'm the worst type of nigga on this here turf

So disperse


[3rd verse]

That's why I say


If you ain't crew

Some busters on my hit list betta hope it ain't you

My pockets thin

About to sin

I got to spend

About like 10

To get that Henn

To make that blend

To make that fool come up out his ins

Devilish thoughts

Hell is feelin kinda of crellish

God tell us what we got to do to make the muthafuckin rellish

Spell it, out to me cause broke is imbarrasin

I'm psycho like Woody Harrleson

I can make a comparrison

Like Aaron Yates

Norman Bates

Perfect mates

Dippin up in Wally Gates

Bitches yellin head is swellin

Thinkin of goin in hell and bakin with the beans

Got me fiend

Murder for my green

Seems, I'm cursed not first

The last verse

I burst, into a blood thirst

But what is it worth

No hearst

Nobodies turf

Fuck planet Earth


Because you're dealin wit the worst (the worst)


The worst

I know that it can't get no worst

The worst, the worst yeah

After all that I been through

I just don't know what the hell to do

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