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Author/Artist/Singer: Tech Nine
Music Title/Track: Imma Tell
Theme ID: 4274
Album: N/A

This is the town where the clowns put it down baby
(Mama say stop or I'm gonna tell papa)
Close the doe, before ya child hear the sound baby
(Mama say stop or I'm gonna tell papa)

The killa clowns in your town raising all hell
Tecca nina with the stamina coming to damage ya buckin'
The bammer when I bust with a bang.
And it ain't no clause that say fraud ain't no tall tales
Women love it when I hit when I covet the booty they
Giving it to me but it ain't no thang

We reppin' KCMO fellas and the ladies know
That we comin' with the killas I'm with the gorillas
The villains will get you when you disrespect us
Even the babies know Tech nina got crazy flow
We be giving the women the willy we sick of the haterz
Wanna pay us go to get this record

This is important we be courtin' every place we go
Get you up in the room ain't trippin' off of the groom
I'll give it to you anyway you wanna have it
Baby is a horse and yes of course Imma have 2 break the ho
Leaving the kids at home I wanna bone alone we hopping
Up and down like jack rabbits

So many kids put this on their daddy's mind
Never will I ever put him out there like that feelin' that
I did Tecca nina take it right back. Tellin' him that the mommy's
Boyfriend's Tech N9ne. Do be lookin' at me like you really wanna fight
Cuz all Tecca nina wanna know is where the mic at?

This is the town where the clowns put it down baby
(Mama say stop or I'm gonna tell papa)
Close the doe, before ya child hear the sound baby
(Mama say stop or I'm gonna tell papa)

[Verse 2]
151 Malibu rum and pineapple juice
4 those who don't know that's caribou lou origin in Missou
We having fun got some buns on some yac abuse
Rogue dogs and I'm reppin' the smoke a lot regime outlaws
Deuce klick and the zoo

Stagga, when you with the nutthowze we gon have ya
Taking everything up in the book from ex to that puff you
Lookin' to get took. Abracadabra, 151 and coke is viagra
Give it to me give it to me give it to me got her in love
From having the bed shook

Look, I'm hella fed up with all the silly rumors dog
Sayin' that we got dropped JCOR that never ever would
Happen I mean what do they know? We kept our
Head up now money's coming to us all.
We kickin' it with strange wollowing in fame giving
The game only when I say so.

So crack some bub wit me demons get some
Love wit me. Do what you gotta do to get what you
Gotta get I gotta get it all Tecca nina's on a roll
Get on some shrub wit me 2 cases of Bud wit me
What you gonna do to get the women on krunk Imma
Hit'em with the funk got'em all like oh


That's Tech N9ne, sex all the time
Teasing your chakra and ain't nobody hotter
(Mama say stop or I'm gonna tell papa)

[Verse 3]
One and then comes the two to the three and
That was the anthem now this the anthem
Hella rockin' the planet again you can't stand it again
Huns, they been comin' thru to see me man
Then I depants'em and I bust Randon in the bed
Imma land'em dog gwamn it I ram it again

Raves. I love to get high and get paid
Why do I wanna stick'em with another hit up out
Of abyss baby ya don't wanna miss the titts
Babes they love to come by and get laid
Why am I the pinnacle when I rip it Imma
Kill'em in this to the haters I gotta send'em
A gift

Bump this in your ride or in the club
Giving everybody what they need I give it all
So they give it all back to me
Hataz don't you hide just show some love
Do you dig it Imma rep the B. and never ever let the
C. get the best of me

So many kids put this on their daddy's mind
Never will I put him out there like that feeling that I did
Tecca nina take it right back
Telling him their mommy's boyfriend is Tech N9ne
Oh no girl yo babies at the doe


*Mom open this door*

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