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Author/Artist/Singer: Terry Allen
Music Title/Track: Billy the Boy
Theme ID: 6545
Album: N/A

Snow White Angel

On the wings

Of a snow white angel

He played steel guitar

And the drugs

Broke his brain

Off into angles

But his fingers

Played true to his heart

Billy (I)

Ah Billy

You got diamond

Sparkle blue eyes tonight

Yeah Billy

You got the pistol

In your soul

And the mariachi music

Makes you crazy all ' right

Hey down at Rose's

Santa Rosa New Mexico

Ft. Sumner

He was born in New York City

On a cold and a windy day

Yeah his Momma didn't love him

Cause she throwed him away

On the doorsteps of this woman

Who took in wash to make her way

And she raised him with a vengeance

So he left her the same damn way

Well this hobo named him Billy

On a train to the level land

He said Boy you can make it easy

With a shovel in your hand

If you can just get to Lincoln


Dig for gold in the Indian land

He said Hobo I'm a loner

I'll take my gold with an outlaw


And they heard thunder

In Ft. Sumner New Mexico

And they heard thunder

In Ft. Sumner New Mexico


Hey loneliness

You say it's doing you in

Ah but you still got

Some playing to do

And that won't end


But you been missing

What you been kissing

For years

You just can't recognize

A sacred heart

When she bleeds for you


You just keep on playing

Like New Mexico

Is the whole

God damned world

And you got the floor


Yeah but loneliness

You say it's doing you in

Ah but you still got

Some playing to do

And that won? end


Lonely Road

He played steel guitar

In a rock n roll bar

And he'd run to his car

Beneath the stars

Yeah it's New Mexico

Wherever you are

When your 31

On the running

Yeah you might wonder

But you'll never know

That mystery boy

With them sleazy clothes

His flashing smile

His lightning hands

He gonna take what he wants

On the Pecos Grande

In the Promised Land

Yeah Billy the Boy

He felt the pistol joy

Shakin his hands

On the Mountain

Yeah he did what he did

Then he run and he hid

His blood bubbled up

In the fountains

Blood bubbled up

In the fountains

Yeah whiskey flows

And the peyote grows

Through a thousand night times

A thousand shows

And the desert burns

But a cold wind blows

On a lonely road

New Mexico

Billy (II)

Ah Billy

You got dimes

In your blue eyes tonight

Yeah Billy

You got the lead

In your soul

And you're bleedin to death

Beneath the dance hall lights

Ah Billy

Where did your blue eyes go?

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