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Author/Artist/Singer: Terry Allen
Music Title/Track: Cortez Sail
Theme ID: 6552
Album: N/A

See how the rain

Falls from the sky

Drifting down

From your high mountain's eye

But don't look surprised

You're going home

Yeah you're leaving L.A.

On a cloudy day

Pushing the crowd away

You gonna get away today

An you turn on your radio

An let the wind blow

With your rock n roll

Down the highway

All the way

Ah but see how, the lightning

Makes cracks in your air

Tearing the clouds

Then closing the tear

Yeah but you're not surprised


You're going home

To Mexico

Four hundred years ago

Down in Mexico

The Spanish galleons drew near

And the Aztec warriors watched

From their mountain sides

Yeah the fear in their eyes

As clear as their end it was near

Yeah Cortez he come

With his men and his guns

And a Spanish Christ

Alive on his lip

But as soon as he touched ground

Well his men wanted to turn around

So he burned down the turn around ships

Yeah he crossed all that water

With his cannon and fodder

If need be to slaughter

For Gods and for gold

An he wouldn't let no man

Talk him in to being anything other than

Conquistador bold

Yeah Pachuco to Paradise

Yeah a Colorado rain

Falls on your California glass

Washing away the hardline

From your California past

Ah but you're not surprised anymore

You're going home

Cause just out of Cortez

Well the radio man says

That they's a lookin for you

They gonna get you

But your guns on your map

And they're both in your lap

Besides your Chic's with you

So you gonna get through

Ah but see how the lightning

Makes cracks in your air

Tearing the clouds

Then closin the tear

Yeah but you're not surprised anymore

You're going home

To Paradise

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