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Author/Artist/Singer: Tha Dogg Pound
Music Title/Track: Roll Wit Us
Theme ID: 7153
Album: N/A

{*rattles shaking*

[Singer] (Daz)

Houl, houl, houl - houl, houl, houl

Houl, houl, houl - houl, houl, houl

Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl (uhh, uhh)

Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl (uhh)

Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl (uhh, uhh)

Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl


Psssh, I didn't realize we'd be cashin in

Makin dollars, makin shit pop around here

(nigga!) Fiends sniff to cops gang-bangin

Where my block?My everyday is a crime

A nine to five, slangin bucks, nine millimeters

Three-eighties and gauges and glocks

(?) made you not wanna sit back

and I watch the clock (hah!) watchin anybody and any

For every fuckin dime, every penny, what a pity

I'll be livin the city, livin greedy, lookin for (??)

Wit a spirit that'll jealous the belly, then now

Two wanted killers slang crack, shit

Smokin boodah's off that brown orange boodah

Stabbin motherfuckers in the back, I ain't afraid to do ya

Roll wit niggaz, that's the same, or roll wit a gang

Roll up in a school and bang - bang!

And hang out, to sellin (?) struck out

Fiends, who's worries kept green, or stick the merry, dream

that could make 'em run and get the pistols, the shit

This ain't a damn thing funny (fool!)

Niggaz around my block, start actin so crummy

When Atlanta dawgs reach that G status, just to have it

and anything that'll (?) out my jock just to have us

Hoppin down the steps, where my homeboys chill

Sippin hundred, had a bomb smoke that's real

I hate see the homies pass by, they creep inside

lettin niggaz know that this the C-SIIDE! (yeah)

{*with singer singing "howl, howl, howl.." in background*

[D] Tennesee and Oklahoma said they ROLL WIT US

[K] Portland and Seattle, you know they ROLL WIT US

[D] Mississipi, Lousiania said they ROLL WIT US

[K] Yeah, Chicago and Texas, you know they ROLL WIT US

[D] Detriot and Carolina said they ROLL WIT US

[K] When Little Rock, Saint Louis gang-bang-dang-dang

[D] And all my overseas (?) won'tcha ROLL WIT US

[K] New Jersey (ROLL WIT US) and Philly (ROLL WIT US)


You know you never seen a gangsta hol', hella high

Ready to ride, give it up to all the bitches passin by

(whattup girl?) Crazy wit 'em curves, work it up motherfucker

(ahh!) Better have fur in the back of the truck, motherfucker

I seen a baller (baller) yeah nigga, he strait ballin

Call it a wild card, the gang motherfucker (yeah)

When niggaz 'bout to fo' they talk (ugh, ugh!)

shoot the fo' the big bitch motherfucker

They just can't compete (uh-huh) we got the hardco' thang to bang

Niggaz is gang-bangin up in this motherfucker, bottom thang

(hell yeah) Fuck a bitch homey, and a bitch nigga

Licorice nigga like "You give 'em what he deserve"

Word, brought it up, concern, put a microphone

Thug - money makin, pistol packin, juniors

Jumpin for scrappin bottles, jackin faster

Quick to say "Bitch," quick to say "Fuck you!"

Quick to say "Motherfuck ya momma and yo' hood too"

(Nigga it's Tha Dogg Pound) Type of motherfucker

So if he's somethin like me

and you ridin wit the D.P.G.P.A.C. and me - then say "Buck buck!"

{*with singer singing "howl, howl, howl.." in background*

[D] Now all my neezies up in (?) ROLL WIT US

The (?) Utah, won't ya ROLL WIT US

[K] All my dirty Atlanta niggaz they ROLL WIT US

[D] Minnesota, Alabama won't ya ROLL WIT US

[K] California, Arizona you know they ROLL WIT US

[D] Ohio and Amsterdamn won't ya ROLL WIT US

[K] Miami, New Mexico say they ROLL WIT US

Just say they ROLL WIT US, you know they ROLL WIT US


Just roll wit a gangsta bitch and shut the fuck up (suck a nut)

Fuck a nigga up, rockin the greatest thang since the fuck in the cut

Nigga what?G'd up in the gangsta ass native blue truck

Dat Nigga Daz and Kurupt {*screech*

It's been a long time since we gangstas kept bangin

Young ass from the gangsta ass Dogg Pound Gang


Kurupt, I take you rather serious 'til the niggaz kept blastin

(FOOL!) Rollin wit the motherfuckers'll leave 'em in a casket

(bitch nigga!) This nigga's is drastic, it's suicide, help me ride

(ride) to battle the Daz, within the nigga or not (check it out)

Cash money got us addicted to what we niggaz kick

Good shit for bad shit, sorry keep us sippin for jiggin for gettin

[K] Yeah, the A is for anybody killer

[D] N is for the NIGGA!

[K] Fuck the G's, beat beginnin nigga!

{*with singer singing "howl, howl, howl.." in background*

[D] And all my No Limit Soldiers say they ROLL WIT US

[K] Murder unit, my niggaz say they ROLL WIT US

[D] All my West side connectin that's jailed they ROLL WIT US

[K] Wit the dungeon, weak ballers say they ROLL WIT US

[D] Hell, that nigga gon' cop red, ROLL WIT US

[K] Dogg Pound and my niggaz said they ROLL WIT US

[D] And all my Ruff Ryder niggaz said they ROLL WIT US



Yeah, haha, now just bounce to this

Just bounce (just bounce) just bounce to this

Nigga just bounce (just bounce) nigga just bounce to this

Niggaz just bounce (bounce), ugh, yeah {*echoes*

[K] Bounce, bounce nigga (bounce nigga)

[D] Putcha pistols up, yeah {*echoes*

[K] Bounce nigga (bounce nigga)

[D] Just putcha pistols up, pistols up!

[K] Bounce nigga

[D] Bounce nigga!

[K] Putcha pistols up

[D] Pistols up!

[K] Wassup?

[D] NIIIGGAAA! {*echoes* Yeah

{*music plays then fades*

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