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Author/Artist/Singer: Tha Dogg Pound
Music Title/Track: Sht Happenz
Theme ID: 7154
Album: N/A


Rocafella Dogg Pound nigga...


Daz... Kurupt...

Dilli... Gotti...

Haha.. Big Earl...

[D] The gunshot echoed through the street, where I pick my feet

[K] Street sweep, seperate, delete

[D] As you ask for peace


The concrete crackin the shells

You aim for the chest and ride for the west


See everybody used to tell him that he wouldn't never live long

..never live long

And that we gon' always die with the strong


Get it on, never knew it could happen.. (never knew it could happen)

But evidently it did.. (evidently it did)

A nigga got older.. (a nigga got older)

And had a few kids.. (and had a few kids)

Keep throwin hogs in the war, lettin off in the warzone

at that gat pass and blast, pass the chrome


Until this day, motherfuckers still think we wrong

Put a bullet in ya dome, run in yo' home

Get yo' cash, ya jewelry, and yo' stone

It's on.. (It's on) It's stoned

Another motherfucker gone


Pullin out bullets out the pump our

Gangsta G'd up, all new apparel

I'll never give a fuck about none of y'all niggaz

So I let off the sawed-off double barrel

Dat Nigga Daz


Kurupt the Kingpin motherfucker!

Ridin up on you suckers!


Motherfuckers wanna act like they wanna bang

Go head up with the gang

Suckers, busters, fuckers, bitch-ass snitchers

In the sky


Another mother got to cry - Shit happens!


Damn man you just walked up and shot the nigga momma

Man he couldn't get the nigga so he shot the nigga momma

(Shit happens!)

Man I'm tellin you cous' man that nigga whole chest

was threw the fuck off, man I don't, man


You ain't hard nigga

We ran up on yo' bitch-ass and took yo' car nigga

The fuck you think you going

Yo' bitch-ass ain't gettin too far nigga

[K] I'ma blast before I speak

[D] Uh-huh, I'ma dash you fore I creep

[K] Uh-huh, I'ma fuck ya bitch next week

[D] And have that bitch sell her pussy for me

[D] See we can squabble scrap


Shank 'em, pull out gats and blast

We can chill or kick back, two niggaz smokin that

See money ain't shit, and that bitch you love eat dicks

Ate the whole clique, anything we want we can get bitch


Havin money, bitches, cars

Slangin pussy on the boulevard

Oh my God

[K] Smash and dip, gangstas on the gangsta shit, G'd as fuck

[D] Blastin niggaz for iron as Buck in the cut with the M14

[K] Guarunteed to get what we need to get, shootin shit

[Both] And shit happens!


Yeah man nigga just walked up and shot him point-blank in the head

No remorse, no sorrow (Shit happens!)

Aww cous' you heard about what happened to cous' over there on 14th

(What happened?) Aww man (Shit happens!)

Man the nigga killed hisself, man soutside suicide man

Man he couldn't live with this shit (Shit happens!)

Man that nigga got shot square in the head, homeboy

Square in the head, I saw it last week, ya don't know? (Bitch!)

[K] Watch yo' ass!

[D] Better watch - yo' - ass!

[D] Shit happens boy

[K] Shit happens boy

[K] It could happen to me

[K] It could happen to you

[K] This a public service announcement

[K] We hood to hood

[K] Don't come, to our hood nigga

[K] Cuz in our hood (SHIT) happens

[D] Hahaha....

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