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Author/Artist/Singer: Tha Dogg Pound
Music Title/Track: Treat Her Like a Lady
Theme ID: 7160
Album: N/A

Yeah, yeah you know I was strolling down the street the other day

you know and I ran into this lady I'm like "what's up mommy,

hey what's up baby, what's cracking baby what's going on with you girl".

You know she tried to act all funny ain't wanna speak to a nigga,

I'm like "Ya bitch! Shit, fucking bitch!".

It ain't like you ain't never sucked dick before ya bitch.

Ya stupid ho, you bitch, you hoe...


Calm and collected, I'm in a zone of my own

Clouded clips of chrome, sunny californ-

The home of jack artist, thick thighs and Myties

Major high, suicide, drive-byes and crime

Homicides, gang banging, the bangers bang

See out here in baby we into our own thang

Time to head up to Venice, kick it on the beach

Ladies all the thick, the bomb, soft as a peach

It's me and Daz, dogs off the leash

Who all the ho's want to cling on to and suck dry like a leach

Daz and Kurupt coming out the cut

We just don't give a fuck and just wanna fuck

And all we wanna do is bust a nut

Come see me ho, ya bitch, ya slut

And the bitch had the nerve to ask me for a motherfucking autograph

I'm like you goofy bitch!

[Chorus 2X]

If you want some play from me tonight

You got to treat me right

Treat me like a lady


So I'm a stand at an angle

She was thick like a mango

If I fucked her in bed, the bitch was hard to tangle

I ain't no Casanova

I ride a cruiser and a nova

But I'm young for my age

I'm on a whole different page

I fuck bitches old as my age

I need a bitch with class, I need a bitch that's paid

Wine and dine at a Toro's,

Me and my amigos

Drinking margarita's with a couple of ho's

You want a soft cut nigga, do what I say type of man

That's some shit I don't get with, some shit I don't understand

Later on 'til the break of dawn, busting the thongs

Till the twats gone all you heard was moans

Ass, hips, and lips over a hard ass dick

Make a good combination when I'm nutting and shit

She said you know I don't suck dick but I...

(Oh you lying bitch. You ate lil' Mo's dick last week)



I treat 'em how they act, knock 'em how they want it

Some of you fools just ain't up on it

Conversation waste time, I'm straight to the topic

Let me see them thongs baby, I want to see them drop it

With baby bearing hips the baby sticks right out

Soon as they touch the floor I pull my dick right out

Daz you ever see this bitch before (Naw)

Well she's about to blow your socks off, she's about to knock on the door


Well I rather get an ugly bitch then a fine bitch

'Cause an ugly bitch don't want ya but a fine bitch want all ya shit

Lil' bitch, fat bitch, small dick, big dick

Love the way you switch shit she love that shit

She say Daz, "I love ya 'cause ya fucking me"

But in my mind bitch ya really nothing to me

Her ass so plumy, I treat her like a puppy

(And make that bitch pop that monkey)

[Chorus] - 2X

(I'm gonna treat you like a lady and give you FIVE dollars.

You only live down the street, you can even walk.

Come on I'll even walk with you come on, I'll even walk with you.)

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