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Author/Artist/Singer: Tha Eastsidaz
Music Title/Track: Now We Lay Em Down
Theme ID: 7191
Album: N/A

[Feat. Bad Azz]

[Bad Azz]
We confined to these wordly ways, it's unchanging
The money makes, murder the kids, and gangbangin
The stock market crashed, they watchin my black ass
You pop em for fast cash so we dies over dollars
Get wise hold the knowledge, we rides know the choices
The key to the future, the devil he wanna shoot ya
Fuck em they call us niggs I'm tryin to make a livin
Do some touchin, you know I'm pretty good with the bustin
Trustin nothin you can buy if your money in discretion
We'll beat you and car jacks and leave you wit a concussion
We the gang, we mash and blast and maintain
Still the same, just fuckin wit a brand new thang
Bang, bang, take that, nigga 'fore we skirt out
Aint gotta say shit already put the word out
Ya heard how the thang goes down around us
We playas, so haters can't clown around us
On point, big fat blunts and joints
And get drunk, this cold world, they aint givin a fuck
About you livin let alone you livin it up
Niggas is stuck, I'm tryin to keep my head above water
Not stressed about dyin for a quarter in a shorter
My time get the heart of my rhymes, get a nigga get better with time
And wonderin how I'm goin by, can't help it in the heat of the
Heartless hood, it's all good

CHORUS: Snoop Dogg
You's a nigga when you born, a nigga when you dyin
Nigga quit lyin you's a nigga for life
You's a nigga when you ridin, a nigga when you sidin
Nigga quit tryin you's a nigga for life
You can paint your face and change your nose and buy new clothes
But you know what...
You cant change who the fuck you are
You's a motherfucking nigga for life

[Goldie Loc]
It's all sowed up, in the LBC
Bitches brea

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