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Author/Artist/Singer: Tha Eastsidaz
Music Title/Track: So Low
Theme ID: 7193
Album: N/A

f/ Kokane, Lil' Mo

[Lil' Mo (Kokane)]

Roll with me

Come smoke with me (Smoke with me)

Come close to me

So low (Come flow with me)

Dance with me

Take a chance with me (This is your chance)

Take a dip with me

Don't go

[Snoop Dogg]

Oh no, I have a party to attend

With some civilized people, and some more of my friends

I wish I could stick around

But I gotta take a trip back uptown, now

Layin wit'chu, stayin wit'chu

Playin wit'chu, is somethin I ain't gone do

Now look here boo, there's so many freaks up in here

And I done already been there, so I don't really care

Now you can take that, take that

Bitch, I know you hate that, hate that

You can't do nothin about it

You know damn well what I got back at the house

And I refuse to loose, trade in my shoes

Gimme the blues, hand my the booze

Strap on the fools, overabuse or misuse it

So I'm skatin steady, datin on the move to groove

I ain't got nothin to prove infact, I got too much to lose

Girl, you got a nigga way ? and way too cool

But I ain't leavin here wit'chu, for real

[Goldie Loc]

Yo, this the single house

We gone disconnect the TV, leave the stereo and move the couch

Everybody get they groove on

I'm sweatin like a rainy day, but I get my groove on

Dip baby dip, fall back a little bit while I hold the hips

Pass me the drink, while you hit this G-13

Pocket holler one time, fashion statement clean

Stacy Adams supe it up, baby girl boot it up

Almost dropped my glass when she lift that damn booty up

Dog walk to the cat walk

I'm ridin that ass like Tony Hawk

There's somethin about the way you blow my mind

Got me wanna boogie all the time

Baby this is what I'm lovin

Forget the last dance just to end up huggin, let's dance

[Tray Deee]

Lil' momma got a gang of ass

Plus that mini-skirt make me think she fast

Passed by and asked if she'd like to dance

Spark a conversation to ignite the flash

Bling bling all gleam, and I'm clean to whip

Saw the proper full crew I'm leavin with

You can act like the mack don't effect your type

Cuz you know a nigga tryin to have sex tonight

Ain't no secret, come freak with the real McCoy

Skip the guilt trip baby and just feel the joy

Make it rugged like you love it, never soft and sweet

Throw ya legs in the air and just start to beat

You can leave your thong on like it's all discrete

But it'll slide to the side when you fall asleep

Is you sho' that you can roll, dip, and smoke with me

Girl cuz I'ma give it to ya like it's 'sposed to be


Come fuck with me

Drink with me

Smoke with me

Yeah, yeah

Loc with me

Drink some Hennesey

Goldie Loc, and Tray Deee

Yeah, yeah

[Snoop talking (Lil' Mo singing in background)]

Yeah you tryin to fuck with a nigga huh

I can't even trip though

It might seem like, some shit like, two-two

Beep-beep, haha, two-two

Beep-beep, two-two [Repeat until fade]

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