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Author/Artist/Singer: Tha Liks (Alkaholiks)
Music Title/Track: Best U Can
Theme ID: 7214
Album: N/A

We know the fuck y'all really want
Y'all want us.. right, right?

Let's get it pumped up, pumpin, the jump-off to jumpin
Aiyyo I'm lookin in your eyes you look a little drunkin pumpkin
You buzzin? Oh really, you faded kinda early
These my homeboys, introduce your homegirlies
What's your name? (Shirley) Well this my nizzle swivel
He like the way you pop it, like the way your booty wiggle
Y'all bout it? (We bout it) Everybody crowd around it
Mouths hit the floor, all my niggaz look astounded
Dom P? Hell naj, that shit a waste of money
We drink that Cristal, Dom P be tastin funny {*bleh*}
You a Likqit bunny, and i'm Hugh Hef'
After Tash get to mackin, y'all can have who's left
Cause, with this game, Tash legal and all
If ain't home, call me back, cause I've been screenin my calls
All y'all gotta pause, cause we (we) know (know)
what (what) y'all (y'all) broads (broads) really want

You know you want me mama, you want me to be your man
But if you really want me girl, you gotta wiggle the best you can

He's on his way to the club, puffin on a dub
He never wait in line, cause he always get love
He's drinkin it, drinkin up, drikin all the time
He can't hold it back, he's lookin for a dime
He say two drinks and the ass is mine
She play dudes like him just passin time
So they hop inside, the Cadillac
The chaffeur drove off, and it never came back
She say, "Ay daddy, do you like that?"
He say, "Yeah mami, just like that"
She say, "You know I never did this before"
He say, "Yeah, sure; tell me more"
Knock on wood grain, the whole hood sayin
you give good brains, I ain't playin
A little champagne, but no damn rain
And the next week it was the same damn thang

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Yo.. I know you want me little mama, but tell me what you think about
Girls like you drain a motherfucker bank account
The cars, the ice, the clothes, the dough
All that for slidin down a motherfuckin pole?!
I'm state of the art, you still playin your part
A nigga like Tash'll make it pump from the start
Game pump from my heart like oil through a pipeline
You waitin on some chips, you might wait like three lifetimes

Mack and Ro, crackin hoes
Drop them fat back down to the flo'
Do it for the dough, pro-fessional
Make a dude wanna blow his whole cash flow
(You know you want me mama) I know you want me mama
(You want me to be your man) Show me you want me girl
Neptunes make it bounce around the world and back
Make you do the damn thang, when the club is packed, yeah

You know you want me mama, you want me to be your man
But if you really want me girl, you gotta wiggle the best you can
I can tell you want me mama, you want me to be your man
But if you really want me girl, you gotta wiggle the best you can

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