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Author/Artist/Singer: Thala
Music Title/Track: Tu Y Yo (English Version)
Theme ID: 7352
Album: N/A

[Verse One:]

Guess the stars, so lined
And I got it together
Who would've thought?
I've known, that there'll be a forever
It wasn't in my plans
To fall in love so deeply
'Til I've found someone
Who got me so completely
From the time we met
I knew I was in trouble
My head is spinning fast
I started seeing double
Swept me off my feet
You're just trying to read me
And I ain't that kind of girl
To give it up that easy

[Bridge 1:]

You know when I just want to be left alone
The only love to give me my space
Cuz I am someone who's holding my own
That doesn't make you afraid


Tu y Yo, nobody thought we'd make it
Tu y Yo, completely underrated
Said we wouldn't last
We kicked them in the ass
Cuz, what we are is strong,
And that's our statement
I never knew love before
Now you're the one who keeps me coming back for more

[Verse Two:]

I got a man, a friend, a believer to the end
And when we touch, a mess
Cuz you're the hardest thing I've ever known to Rome
The planet love was averaged
'Til you came alone, and 'oh' let me have it
Now my world has changed
And only for the better
No more looking back,
Just finally found the center
You're a dream come true, that everyone imagines
I'm the lucky zone, that hadn't really happened

[Bridge 2:]

You can finish my sentence for me
You know me inside and outside so well
If anyone thinks we're not meant to be
We're gonna give them some hell


Tu y Yo, nobody thought we'd make it
Tu y Yo, completely underrated

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