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Author/Artist/Singer: Unafraid
Music Title/Track: Blood from a TreeBlood from a Tree
Theme ID: 2278
Album: N/A

Riff: (dmadd9) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj7) (G)

(dmadd9) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj7) (G)
We gather for holy wars, we kill in the name of peace
(dmadd9) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj7) (G)
We are told to lie to protect the law, when truth is a disgrace
(dmadd9) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj7) (G)
There is no right and wrong, living isn't that hard
(dmadd9) (Fmaj7) (E)
'cause every road leads to Rome but there's only one to God!

(am) (F)
Did you ever know His name?
Do you know the reason why?
(am) (F) (E)
Do you know He bore the pain as you
nailed Him to a tree?

Enjoy yourself, have a good time at the end of life is death
Find yourself, a peace of mind before you draw your final breath
There is no certain truth, you have so many tries.
This is what the people preach; Don't listen to their lies

Don't you know there is a God?
Do you know He's still around?
Do you know I call Him lord, 'cause He
gave his life to me?

God made a promise when he went away.
He said that He would come again on the final day.
He sent us out to preach the word until the end of time
and though the sky may fall into the sea
I won?t leave the truth behind!

Have you ever seen the Son?
Do you know He's the Messiah?
Do you know that He will come...again?
He surely will be back

(am) C
From the beginning till our time
(G) (E)
the truth remains, our Lord is divine.
(am) (C)
We've been given a road, a certain course.
(G) (E)
We can find salvation...

on the cross hung a man,
he was flogged and badly beaten
and with nails through his hands he said:
"forgive them God"

We gather for a wedding feast invited by the groom
though waiting for 2000 years I believe He's coming soon.
Stay awake and light your lights then you will be the bride
invitations are given to the rich but the beggars get inside.

Don't you know that it's for free?
Do you know His loving mercy?
Don't you know that your are saved by
The Blood Bled from a Tree

Did you ever know His name?
Do you know the reason why?
Do you know He bore the pain as you
nailed Him to a tree?
Copyright ? Rune Boege, Unafraid 2001.

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