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Author/Artist/Singer: Uncle Kracker
Music Title/Track: Better Days
Theme ID: 2473
Album: N/A

85 miles out of Nashville, thinkin? bout the way things change
Try an keep it by the reigns
I?m a lone drifter, big money flipper
Take anything you got on the rocks in a snifter
I missed her in Kentucky, went down to Louisiana
I never had no lovin? like I had in Alabama
A man of my word ain?t out to hurt nobody
I?m jus a m c to keep the boogie in the party
Been singin? laadi daadi since 84 and
I?ll be singin? laadi daadi ?til I?m 84
I couldn?t ask for more, life?s been sweet
So you can save the planet, I?ll save your seat


I been gone for weeks, I ain?t slept in days
I can?t find myself in this self made maze
It?s been so long since I?ve been fine
I?m just tryin? to see the bottom of this bottle of wine


And I know I?ll see better days
Well I know you?ll see things my way

I never thought about change until
Spend a little time where time stood still
Been lookin? for a mill but I keep comin? up shy
I been a broke fool, I ain?t tryin? to be that guy
Wanna ride like lightning, roll like thunder
I?m tryin? to get some money, I ain?t getting any younger
At times I wonder, at times I won?t
Sometimes I give a fuck but most times I don?t
?even care, through stained glass windows these eyes stare
I try to stay straight but it?s kickin? my ass
Every time I look ahead I get a glimpse of the past
I sit half mass like a soldier?s flag
That?s why my left leg limps and my Dickies sag
It?s been so long since I?ve been fine
I?m just tryin? to see the bottom of this bottle of wine


Well I been all around this crooked land
I come across all walks, I shook Jim Beam?s hand
I got no plans and no place to go
It keeps getting harder to just say no
I see the people laugh and people cry
That?s how some live and that?s how some die
Well me myself I?m gonna sit right here
And I?m a watch this world break down in tears
All my fears and dark gray skies
Couldn?t crack my smile or break my stride
Got too much pride, I got too much shout
I might be down but I still ain?t out
Got too much time and that?s all I have
When I leave this world I?ll still be sad
It?s bee so long since I?ve been fine
I?m just tryin? to see the bottom of this bottle of wine


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