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Author/Artist/Singer: VI-3
Music Title/Track: Go Get Her
Theme ID: 6097
Album: N/A

I wanna get her, get her...go get her
Been jockin since I first met her, nobody does it mo-better
Is she wit it, wit it...come get it
Her man dont know how to hit it, so take it or fo-forget it

Im steppin to you with my game strong
Remain calm, I see your man but he be doin wrong
A sad song, so I...creep from the back, and I...put down the mack
Do I...know how to work it, you aint heard...thats a fact
Got the city on lock, yo believe it or not
But I can be the one to ice you out, from bottom to top
Now bling bling, listen to the words that I sing
Im only talkin bout a fling, I never mentioned a ring...oh no!

Wanna get you on the floor...little bump-n-grind, make ya beg for more
Back to the crib for the after show...make ya ride that thang like a rodeo
(Uh) Wanna be the one to turn you on...make it feel so right, that it cant be wrong
Not tryin to be around for very long...if you aint bout that, better move along


Ooh shorty get on down...Drop that thang down to the ground
Pick it up - pick it up, shake it all around...Then turn that bootie round and round

Oh, oh, oh...oh, oh, oh...I...just...just wanna get with you!

Youre lookin at me with those pretty eyes
And thick thighs, make a player wanna fantasize
I realize, that what I want, and what I need
So you...go tell your girls youre comin home with me
Dont wanna be the one to keep ya for life (naw)
Aint gonna be the one to make ya my wife (uh-uh)
I wanna be the one, that ya kinda like
And you think about, when he starts a fight
Better call me up, itll be alright
Cuz Ill break you off, all through the night (cmon)


Ooh-ah, let it flow...Youre lookin good, from head to toe
Come my way, now were good to go...No doubt you got me hot for sure

Ha-ha...hey yo Sol, take me to the bridge!

(You could) Hit me off, when hes outta town
I can be the one to never let you down
(You could) drop by when ya leave the club
Go up the stairs, break you off like what (uh)
Or call him up, say you wont be home
Say your girlfriends faded, cant drive alone
Girl it really dont matter whatcha gotta do
Cuz I just...just wanna get with you!


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