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Author/Artist/Singer: Vade
Music Title/Track: Damp Summer
Theme ID: 306
Album: N/A

in the midst of a damp summer

a midnight talking through frosted glass

tea time stagnance with a lover's fragrance

is all but forced, its time to last

what i saw in your eyes clear

inside me sparks revolving answers

so bitch, complain, but i cant explain

why when you go a damp summer follows

water standing on my heart

forever waiting worlds apart

strings of pearls casting down and pose

like a spinning fanblade in a thousand tears

dripping in my eyes, from one cloud outside

looking back sing monotone

but is left to give all alone.

so bitch, complain, but i cant explain

why when you go a damp summer follows

on the seaside sewer drain

strikes of a thousand tears is torture

but i cant just avoid this moisture

optimistic things will change

because i have seen stranger things

stranger than a thousand tears is torture

but i cant seem to avoid this moisture.

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