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Author/Artist/Singer: Vader
Music Title/Track: A World Of Hurt
Theme ID: 310
Album: N/A

Every now and then we all visit a world of hurt
- the only real difference is how long we have to and wish to stay there.

In the world of hurt
Nothing ever welcomes
Nothing ever opens
Nothing ever brightens
Nothing ever changes
No occult revival
No gods to be served
No light to be searched
No triumph of love and will
In the world of hurt

In the world of hurt
Everything is bitter
Everything is painful
Everything is stained
Everything's slow cold shock
I remain and suffer
I strive and fail
I shiver and moan
And keep telling myself this is not a world of hurt

In the world of hurt
We're all small and petty
We all crave for dreams
We all watch and lie
We're all blunt and lost
In the world of hurt
I remain and suffer
I strive and fail
I shiver and moan
And keep telling myself this is not a world of hurt
Not the world of hurt

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