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Author/Artist/Singer: Vamp Transvision
Music Title/Track: Andy Warhols Dead
Theme ID: 822
Album: N/A

Just gone 11, June '87
And somebody says
Andy Warhol's dead

No more Edie, Andy or Candy
No more factory
Because Andy Warhol's dead
Andy is dead, Andy is dead, Andy is dead
Andy Warhol is dead, Andy Wathol's dead

Soup cans and cola, pop art baby
But now that's all over
Because Andy Warhol's dead

Andy is dead, Andy is dead, Andy is dead
Andy Warhol is dead, Andy Wathol's dead

Well last night I had a dream about William B
And in that dream Willie says to me
Andy ain't dead, Andy ain't dead, Andy ain't dead
He's just asleep!

Nice one Willie

Andy's asleep, Andy's asleep, Andy's asleep
Andy Warhol's asleep, No! No! No! Andy's dead!

1 minute....Andy Warhol's dead
2 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
3 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
4 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
5 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
6 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
7 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
8 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
9 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
10 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
11 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
12 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
13 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
14 minutes...Andy Warhol's dead
15 minutes...

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