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Author/Artist/Singer: Vandals, The
Music Title/Track: The Rodge
Theme ID: 1904
Album: N/A

all you people gather 'round
and get together
no more sitting on your booty
party people it's your duty
you know what i mean
tell your body what to do
it's up to you

now let your tight pants
do a new dance
to the rog
roger thomas is upon us
don't you fight it
do the rodge

can't you see it's so easy
it's now or never, get together
lay it on me, lay it down,
slap me five and gather 'round
the party
is gettin' started
let's act retarded,
no one is carded

now shake your onion
like a grunion tryin' to spawn (you know i like to spawn)
grab your girl unless it's you
hit the dance floor
do the rodge

rock the rodge across the nation
a bicentennial celebration
tell two friends
and they'll tell two
and they'll two and so on
and so on
it's easy to do
tell your body what to do
it's up to you

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