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Author/Artist/Singer: Vintersorg
Music Title/Track: Astral And Arcane
Theme ID: 7434
Album: N/A

Twilit visions reflowers my shackled mood
it's time to heal, to join the unearthly's galanty show
My spirit hungers for the night's remedies
which breeds in the depths of mother nature's wide womb

Waiting for the augury, the fullmoons appearence
enchanting primary forces in the four elements
with the intension unite micro and macrocosm
On a quest in diffuse areas, physicaly afar

The lunar aurora the spirits productive grain
guide me into landscape
astral and arcane
I can feel the towering mountain
as well as the abyss-like sea
in my veins the wildest river
and every growing tree

A visitor in void with forest-capped fields
climbing the ladder of sagacity
touched by the vast starry sky's nocturnal kiss
the most passionate romance between lovers

Observing, obeying, obteining the absolute, leaving my physical host
in the cave of dreams a courir I am, passing visions to the body


A twilight child in twilight zones fated to find the key
to unlock the soul from the fleshprison,striving endlessly

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